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About Popparoni Pizzeria being a 3rd generation Pizza Family!

Daniel and Kayla are the new proud owner's of Popparoni Pizzeria. They took it over from the original "Jim". Pizza had been in Jim's family since his grandfather, Bob Sr. aka "Primo", started a pizza restaurant in Illinois, back in the 70's.

When Jim was a little boy, he loved to stop in and visit with his grandfather and try learning how to make a pizza, especially how to "roll" the dough out!! That was his favorite thing to do. Took lots of practice as a child, but oh, what fun it was. Of course, the first time he got it right the entire family cheered and he was hooked!! Then, wanting that final approval from his grandfather, he just had to make a pizza for his grandfather. Now, 40+ years later, we are going to be making fresh pizzas for our customers in New Boston, Texas!! Actually, Emma, pictured her and her sister Lexy will be the 4th generation to be in this wonderful venture!!

My Dad, Bob Jr., got involved as well in 77. He had several pizza restaurants in Illinois also. However, my grandfather wanted the warmer climate of the south so we all moved the family pizza restaurant business to Arkansas. He expanded and had several locations called "Il Primo", especially in Mena, Arkansas.

Our Brick Oven, here in our New Boston location, is from my Grandfather's last restaurant and has been in storage waiting for me to find that perfect place to open an Italian restaurant. I almost started one about 4 years ago, but the location didn't work out, so all was paused.

Now, in 2021, New Boston, Texas will have it's own local family run fresh made pizza restaurant. We are hoping that everyone comes out and tries our freshly made pizza dough, breads and sauce!

Please welcome Daniel and Kayla to New Boston and our new location - stop in for a delicious Italian meal!

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There is plenty of parking right in front of us.